MIND CHECK XL: Memorial Day Weekend: 2010

No pre-req to it, I'm just gonna go for it; you'll get it all at the end.

I had NO IDEA what GOD had in store for me this past weekend: from Saturday-Tuesday. Let's just say it was an interesting one.

It all started at McDonald's. I went in and got me something to eat and came back out to my car...she wouldn't start. I was like, "ok, this happens often. She'll start up soon." --- PSYCHE! So I decided to go inside and have a lil chat with GOD about how I do NOT wanna be stuck in Murfreesboro, TN; how I did NOT wanna be sitting at that McDonald's all night and having to leave my car there. It was all in HIS plan, I later figured out.

So after about 30 minutes of sitting inside McDonald's, drinking my Sweet-Tea (because I NEVER go to McDonald's without getting a Sweet Tea...even for breakfast!) and still talking to GOD, I decided to get up and go try again. I went out and there was an SUV next to me with two guys eating. I tried to start her up...Nothing. The driver of the SUV got out of his truck and asked me if I needed a boost. I told him, "Sure, but I don't think it's the battery." He told me, "Well, let's try anyway."

He proceeded to put his truck in position so we could hook the cords up: Black to Black::Red to Red...after about 10 minutes, still nothing. I told him thanks and he said, "It's no problem." I went back inside McDonald's and sat and talked again. Time passed by again and I went back out, asked GOD one more time: "I just wanna make it to Nashville. Please?" At that time, HIS plans for me in Nashville must have been complete for the situations that were about to come up that I had NO IDEA would.

Jade started.

I praised all the way to Nashville no knowing what was about to happen.

I called my mom and she told me, "Don't stop in Nashville just go to Jackson and I'll come get you and you can take my car and we'll worry about getting Jade fixed later."

My stubborn ass told her, "Nah, I'mma just head on up to Nashville."

She said, (with that mother's sigh) "Ok. But you CALL ME if she stops again."

I told her sure; not knowing, yet again, what was about to happen.

On to Nashville to visit a Tiffany: I was anticipating the visit for a lil while and it was finally time to do so. Called her up to meet her at a gas station then to Wal-Mart (in East Nashville...the neighborhood junt on Galliten (or Galletin) *shurg* however you spell it)...got out my car and walked around with her in Wal-Mart. Came back out, this time KNOWING that my car may not start. She got in her car; I got in mine. Her car started...Jade didn't. I told her to go ahead and head home I'd meet her there.

I sat in Wal-Mart feeling like a complete ass. Of course afraid to call my mommy because I already know what she'd say...I decided to do it anyway. I got an earful (not in a bad yelling way, but more in a "Mother ALWAYS KNOWS Best" kind of way) from her.

Got a text from Tiff asking if I was cool and that if my car didn't start in 15min, let her know and she'd come back. I was about to be kind of stubborn on that too and not text her back. She came on back to chill with me and we tried to battery again. After about 20-30min Jade still wouldn't start (I still had no idea it was the starter). She headed on back to her house to get ready for her night that she planned with her girls. I appreciate(d) her for coming out; wish our visit was in better circumstances but, GOD had other plans.

SO...now, I'm in east Nashville at a Wal-Mart that's NOT 24hrs with nowhere to go. Called my mommy again (and I'm sighing as I type up every time I called my mommy...cause I know she was right.); heard that earful again.

So, I texted Greg; asked him if he knew a mechanic in Nashville...he called me back with a name and number from our friend DeJuan's mechanic. SO, when I called that number, he was at a family reunion and even sounded like he didn't wanna really help; nor did he seem as though he wanted to be bothered. I could understand...it's Memorial Day Weekend. So, I sat outside for a lil while with my hood open.

Enter Matt: A bald-headed white guy, driving a truck wearing this black shirt and some cargo shorts; asking me, "Hey man, you need a boost?"

Again, I let him know; just like the two at Wal-Mart that it wasn't the batter...he stopped anyway to help me out. By the way, he stayed all 8 hours (didn't leave until about 11pm, so you do the math) out there trying to help me out. (More on Matt later).

Enter Greg & DeJuan: Greg, my fellow Meterite, TSU Alum and Frat brother; DeJuan also a fellow Meterite, TSU Alum and all-around Mr. Fix it kind of guy. Matt was still there trying to get my car started. At this time, we found out it was the starter.

After Greg and DeJuan got there Matt was at a point where he wanted to actually get UNDER my car to reach the starter to get it to spark. His quote was this, "Man, I'm just praying that I can help you out! I know GOD can work things out and I'm praying he can work this out for you." (Matt would NOT LEAVE! but that's a good thing!)

Enter Random Guy From Across the Street: Lookin like the drunken uncle that everyone has...walking fast like he wanted something if he helped. Guess what...when he walked over and said, "Mayne it sta stata. That sall dat is mayne. Just get someone up unda deah and hit it and you gon be on yo way." Now where random guy got there, Matt WAS under my car! Yeah, he got under there! (Exit RGFAS)

Enter Two Brothers (I never got their names): They came over, one a heavy set guy wearing a white tee and jeans; the other wearing a Titans jersey and some jeans. REAL COOL PEOPLE! White Tee QUICKLY knew what the issue was; got under the car and with a hammer given to us by one of the Wal-Mart employees, started to hit the starter. Jade would show signs of life but wouldn't start all the way up.

*side bar* we are STILL on Saturday *end side bar*

Everyone was saying they couldn't actually see the starter, so I got my ass up under there to try to reach it and hit it and get it to start...no good. DeJuan got up under there; Matt got under; White-tee even got under...he also got it to where it would actually spark...No good.

Remember DeJuan's mechanic? I hadn't called him because even DeJuan didn't feel right calling him. So at that time I KNEW GOD had something planned out for my weekend; EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!

So, on the scene at this point: Me, Matt, Greg, DeJuan, Two Brothers and guess who came back...RGFAS!!! It was getting late, and I feel as though I made 4 new brothers of my own at that time. Matt had to leave. I reached out my hand to shake his and he kinda hesitated because it was covered in oil...I grabbed his hand and shook it because he didn't have to do all that he did. But with what he did, I prayed blessings for him and his life because I knew, and so did he (because he said even said this) GOD had him there for a reason.

At this time when we've damn near made fireworks from trying to spark Jade, I decided finally I needed a tow company. White tee called up Smith's Towing (On Jefferson St.) and in about 20 minutes, Tony was out there with a flatbed. I had no idea how I'd get Jade back so Greg informed me to ask how much would it be per/day. White-tee also informed me that Smith's actually WORKS on cars as well. So I asked Tony, the questions and he told me that if I get it worked on, then the "car-sitting" charge won't start until after they fix it and I leave it there.


So, I went in to get $65 for the towing cost and Tony gave me a receipt and told me to call Byron the next day to see how much it would be to get a new starter.

I shook The Two Brother's hands; I shook Tony's hand; I unpacked Jade with all my stuff I needed to spend the next 3 days on Greg's couch. Went back to Greg's house; Jade was gone; I was on the couch and started to talk to GOD; had us a LONG TALK too. Little did I know I was gonna have one of the BEST "own my own" Memorial Day Weekends Ever!

There was FOOD ENVOLVED!!!

Ok, so that was all on Saturday.

Sunday came. Got up and Greg asked, you wanna come to Kentucky for a BBQ with Stan and Dee? Uhm...YEAH!!! Before we went I tried to call my apt complex to see if I could get my rent check held until Friday because I had no idea how much the work on my car would be...but I still didn't worry. After Saturday I put myself in JOB mode—Job from the Bible. I couldn't worry. Found out that I couldn't get in touch with Ms. Jill until Tuesday to check on my rent payment. I relaxed and remembered how Job handled his situation...continued to TRUST in GOD!

So, we left the house; picked up DeJuan and went up to KY and kicked it with Stan, Dee, Ebony, Jamal & Jennifer and their little girl. Ate well; enjoyed the company and hospitality and the talk me, Greg, DeJuan and Stan had. I am the youngest of the group and I gained knowledge and shared some of mine as well!

Monday: I called to see if Byron was at work; said he'd get back to me...didn't until Tuesday. SO, on Monday Greg decided to cook out at his crib. Kicked it! Stan & Dee two of their people came over as well as DeJuan, Marshall and KT. KICKED IT! Food, Xbox, Play station, and more food! Took my mind off of EVERYTHING! Later that day, Greg and I ended up going to Lena's house for another bar-b-que! There I got to see a lot of my frat and sororz uppinare including Jazz, Matt, Eric, HipZ (don't know her real name) and others. KICKED IT!!!!

Tuesday: Got a call from Smith's letting me know that it would be almost $300 to get Jade right. Me, with my not worrying self (still in Job Mode) I said, that's fine. Still hadn't heard from Ms Jill about my rent check yet but again, I KNEW GOD had me taken care of and that HE wouldn't let me down because of my trust and faith in HIM! I just wanted to hold it to make sure I wouldn’t over draft. I had the money to do it. It's just crazy because I turned my rent check in that past TUESADY before I left for Murfreesboro...and it had NOT cleared yet! I left with Greg to go to his job that morning after finding out that my car would be ready by noon.

FINALLY got to talk to Ms. Jill and she confirmed that my check had NOT been deposited yet (Can we say "FAVOR BUTTON"!?) And she said she'd hold it until Friday. I thanked Ms Jill!!! All of this going on and I forgot to tell ya'll that my supervisor called me on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday asking me if I was ok and just let me know to take Tuesday off and come back in on Wednesday! (FAVOR BUTTON AGAIN!!!)

So, I got Jade back; paid the company and thanked everyone at Smith's auto!

Got in Jade and sat there thanking and praising GOD for ALL THAT HE DID for me that weekend!!! Went back to Greg's house; I didn't leave just yet...

I played a lil guitar hero then I decided to text Rachael to see if she was busy and if she wasn't if she wanted to go out to dinner with me (something that's been planned for a good lil minute but pushed back because of our career schedules). She texted me back and said cool; so I met up with her at Chili's on West End. We talked; we ate; we caught up; we shared with each other how GREAT GOD is and has been to us; we laughed at the rachetness that we saw in the booth next to us; I listened to her plans; she listened to mine; we just had fun...kickin it enjoying each other's company! It was the PERFECT end to my Weekend in Nashville!!!

I hit the road back to Jackson with Jade in cruise at 70mph the whole way as I thought (and tweeted) about how GOOD GOD IS; and how I appreciate all of the people that I encountered that weekend.


I made it through another test. The devil WANTED me; he asked GOD for me; GOD KNEW I wouldn't lose my faith; GOD KNEW I would continue to praise HIM no matter what; GOD KNEW Satan would FAIL...so did I!

EVERYYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! From me packing too many clothes for Murfreesboro, to my check not being cleared for a whole week; to me stopping in Nashville because if I had made it back to Jackson, I would have been here bored out of my mind for 3 days! I got to kick it with some WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!! And each one of them taught me a lesson!

GOD KNOWS WHAT GOD IS DOING! Sometimes, although we make decisions and we have free will, GOD makes our plans RIGHT for us! We THINK we know what we're doing and even if we know, GOD is like, "Nah, not right; now not this time, but just trust me, I Got You!" And he did!

If, from this you didn't get it...or you got bored reading it, that's on you. I can't force you to read anything. I have to tell of HIS goodness and I'm not ashamed of it!


To ALL OF YOU that have my back, THANK YOU! I appreciate you! I Love You!


(I'm BAAAAAACK!!!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Praise God!
found ur blog via mutual friend. Thanks 4 testifying...cuz I'm goin thru similair situation where I'm being tested to trust God & increase my faith. "Growing pains" is all. Reading this entry reminds me of Jeremiah 29:11. Thanks again & God Bless! -E.